Energy is your biggest source of carbon emissions
Emissions-IQ tracks energy emissions, enables a transition to emissions-neutral energy and can serve as a pillar of your ESG efforts.


TimberRock is a software and energy solutions provider that helps organization account for and reduce their energy emissions. With over a decade of pioneering and award-winning working in the renewable, EV and renewable energy credit (REC) industries, TimberRock has a deep understanding of supply-side and demand-side energy markets.

TimberRock developed the Emissions-IQ platform to leverages this experience to track energy emissions, shift consumption to lower-emission sources of energy and optimize behind-the-meter assets to support a cleaner grid and ultimately achieve emissions-neutral energy. TimberRock has supported thousands of small customers while also working with some of the world’s largest companies to accelerate the clean energy transition.

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Organizations often struggle with where to start reducing their emissions or how to establish robust Environmental Sustainability Governance (ESG) reporting. With energy emissions representing 92% of GHG emissions, Emissions-IQ (E-IQ) is a high-impact yet simple way to start the emissions-reduction journey. The E-IQ platform has three applications:

TRACK: E-IQ provides precise tracking of electricity-generated CO2. Real-time grid emissions are calculated and applied to electricity consumption providing a detailed assessment of CO2 impact. A secure web portal records these “debits” to a CO2 account providing visualizations, a baseline for reduction efforts and feeding ESG reporting.

SHIFT: With the energy CO2 baseline established, E-IQ identifies cost-efficient ways to shift energy supply to lower-CO2 sources. All low-CO2 energy is tracked as ”credits” and applied to the CO2 account. Detailed records for every unit of energy delivered are preserved allowing year-over-year reductions to be measured and results audited.

OPTIMIZE: E-IQ connects and integrates with energy-consuming, IoT-enabled equipment such as energy management systems and EV charging stations. These assets are then optimized to be in ”balance” with low-CO2 sources of energy and are monetized to support grid services.

Organizations can use just one, two or all of three of the E-IQ applications. When all three are in use, organizations can demonstrate the seriousness and impact of their ESG efforts and over time achieve emissions-neutral energy.

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REH-FLEX is an advanced R&D project designed to demonstrate building-scale microgrids can be 100% clean, 100% resilient, 100% of the time.

TimberRock-developed, proprietary power electronics moves energy bi-directionally between a building and the grid. The system also integrate EVs, stationary storage and onsite generation allowing all to act in an orchestrated manner to achieve zero-emissions energy, resiliency and deliver grid services.

Contact us here if you would like to see the REH-FLEX prototype in action

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We believe in a future with emissions-neutral energy and that Emissions-IQ can help organization get there.

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