When the grid is up, make a profit, when the grid is down, keep power to the building

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TimberRock Energy Solutions (TRES) works to reduce your energy consumption and provide a full microgrid solution, generating a positive revenue stream, both near and long term. Our DE-MAP™ software platform provides Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity to your entire system, allowing the owner the ability to monitor and control via a secure 4G-LTE signal. The overall microgrid solution allows you to Straddle the Meter™.  While the grid is active, the microgrid is generating renewable power to send back into the grid for a profit.  When the grid is down, the microgrid automatically converts to an off-grid solution to power various portions of your building and equipment until grid power is restored.

Step 1: Retrofit

A team is deployed for a detailed energy audit. Cost-efficient LED lights and DE-MAP sensors + controls are installed to immediately reduce energy costs and collect power usage data. TRES partners with industry leaders to provide financing, an Energy Management Plan and Energy Services Agreement with an insured performance guarantee.

Step 2:  Evaluation

As energy usage data is compiled via DE-MAP, TRES data mines this information to identify areas to futher reduce energy consumption, with an initial focus on refrigeration + HVAC systems. In addition, we consider new infrastructure, including the potential deployment of Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations for additional revenue creation.

Step 3:  Microgrid

After reducing energy consumption, TRES focuses on deployment of supply-side distributed energy resources that increase resiliency, sustainability and deliver grid services. Deployments include on or off-site solar panels, energy storage and generators, all of which generate their own energy and secure new long-term revenue streams.


One of the most advanced developers & operators of building-scale microgrid “fleets” in the industry, TimberRock will work with you to provide the best software and hardware solutions to meet all your energy needs.

Internet of Things (IoT) software & hardware solutions

Internet of Things (IoT)

A cloud-based microgrid management platform that provides a secure, IoT connectivity for scalable management and dispatch.  Hardware and software provide real-time monitoring and control of your microgrid system.


Complete Install Package

Full-building scale microgrid "as-a-service" energy solution utilizing our DE-MAP™ platform to lower energy costs, increase resiliency and improve sustainability, at little to no up-front costs for buildings from 50kW to 1MW+.



Patent-pending, this nstant, scalable full-building microgrid and (UPS) uninterruptable power supply that can run in parallel with the grid to provide capacity and ancillary services, while delivering VARs, PFCs or deferrals.

latest news + events

  • TREF Press Release - September 14th, 2015
    TimberRock Group has created a new division, TimberRock Energy Finance (TREF), to provide solar residential loans and deliver innovative commercial financing solutions for building owners, installers and project developers.

  • SPI 2015 - September 8th, 2015
    Brent Hollenbeck will be moderating a panel at Solar Power International
    DESCRIPTION: Straddling the Meter (Energy Storage, New Roles, New Business Models, Behind-the Meter, EV Integration)
    SCHEDULE: September 16th, 2015 starting at 10:30am
    LOCATION:  Anaheim Convention Center, Room 207-B, 800 W Katella Avenue Anaheim CA 92802

  • Greentech Media - July 27th, 2015
    TimberRock Energy Plans a Fleet of Microgrids in Maryland - article by Katherine Tweed, GTM

  • TRES Press Release - July 14th, 2015
    TimberRock Announces Distributed Microgrid Deployment in Maryland (as part of Maryland Energy Administration Grant)

about us

TimberRock Energy Solutions (TRES) is a leading energy services provider whose DE-MAP™ platform provides a robust Distributed Energy Resource (DER) & microgrid management platform for DER owner/operators. DE-MAP increases the economic performance of DERs by Straddling the Meter™ to reduce cost and increase resiliency for the host site while also delivering grid services.

  DE-MAP’s proprietary hardware provides IoT connectivity, utility-grade telemetry and robust cyber-security for DERs while maximizing their functionality and microgrid capabilities. DE-MAP is a standards-based, cloud-computing platform that aggregates the DERs into fleets providing low latency, high-throughput data which enables real-time dispatch and delivery of services.

The award-winning DE-MAP; software platform insures efficient management and performance monitoring and verification within our Microgrid-As-A-Service™ and REH-FLEX™ platforms. With deep technical expertise and experience, the TimberRock team specializes in delivering solutions for the newest technologies.

If you are looking for help with residential or commercial financing, or someone to manage your energy portfolio, be sure to please visit TimberRock Energy Finance to find innovative solar financing solutions.

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